garden room from scratch

how to build a garden room from scratch

A garden can definitely be a place where you can be one with your reflections, or just lounge around to relax your body and mind. Thus, you may have ample space in your garden wherein a garden room will be perfectly situated. But if you don’t know where to start in building your own garden room, read on the tips below to guide you.


The first step in building a garden room from scratch is to incorporate proper planning. You will be able to get a good idea on the space where your garden room will be situated if you clear it out first by cleaning up the clutter or trimming tall grasses or pruning overgrown tree branches with a gas pole saw. Depending on the branches you need to prune, a pruning saw may prove to be effective, but a pole saw would definitely much better for hard to reach branches. Nevertheless, it will be easier for you to plan on how big or small your garden room would be if the space where it will be situated is clean and clear from clutter.

garden room

Designing and Building of Frames

Design and build your garden room frames according to your plan. It is best to use a modular design wherein you can build the frames separately and just assemble it after all frames are completed. You may even want to create a mock design first, or a prototype to ensure that the measurements of your frames are accurate.

Choose the appropriate timber type and other suitable materials depending on what you intend to use the garden room for. Treat all your frames with ample wood preservative, if you are using softwood or timber. This is to strengthen the wood for your frames. Choose also high-quality wood screws to ensure that the frames of your garden room will not just fall off. Make a durable base to support the rest of the frames that will act as the room’s walls.

Assembly and Completion

You may need to make slight modifications as soon as you get into assembling the frames together to create your garden room. You may want to hang a DPC garden sheet onto a garden wall to inhibit unnecessary moisture, using a strong ridge beam in one of your garden room frames. You can use the same ridge beams as the support of the roof panels of your garden room. When everything is assembled, you can proceed with painting your garden room according to your choice of color. After which, all that is left to do is to design its interiors based on what it will be used for.

A garden room is perfect for several things such as a place where you can read a book or sip your coffee. You can also build a garden office that can be used for your personal projects. Whatever you decide to use your garden room for, build it in a manner that will make you feel comfortable, and of course, according to your taste and preferences.