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In residential property, the big word has always been 'space'. These days, even a few extra feet of space, whether it is for your room, your den or your home office,this can all cost you an arm and a leg. But not here with us at Proficiency, we work alongside you and your budget.

For people who are living in metropolitan areas like London where affordable living is closer to a closet than an actual room, just a handful of extra space can be completely out of the budget. And even if you already have your own home, government restrictions often limit just how high you can build to create that much needed extra space. That is why more and more people are now building down instead of building up. The modern answer to our living extension woes are, not so surprisingly, the basement and basement conversions. It is also the reason why the demand has risen so high for basement conversions in London.


Previously underutilized and often ignored in the years before, the basement has now become the go-to solution creating more space in your home. For most people, the underground space is already available but is often misused and forgotten about. And that's where Proficiency Design & Build can offer solutions.

The common image of a basement is a dark and dingy space that's prone to moisture and flooding which can lead to mould growth and other nasty things. But the dire need for extra space has led to the obvious solution of using a space that is already available and turning it into something that's comfortable and beautiful and useful. The problems that plagued basement conversions in the past now have a wide variety of sustainable solutions that can turn any basement into a bright and spacious area for your house.

Turn your ideas into reality. Just think it, visualise it and we will build it.

  • Entertainment spaces
  • Children play areas
  • Offices
  • Bedrooms,
  • Utility rooms
  • Spas / swimming pools

Two types of services:

A design and build process were we manage a project from the design, planning application, party wall agreement to the construction and finish of the project.

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We will also be happy to undertake the construction of your project through the completion, according to your architect's plans.

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Basement Conversion Process

A basement conversion is ideal to create a home entertainment space; a children's play area or an office space.

At Proficiency we can guide you thought your basement conversion as our attention to detail, precision and planning.

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Design and Build Advantages

The key to success of our
Design / Build process

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