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With sky rocking prices in residential properties around London, a lot of people are opting to add extensions to their homes instead of moving to a new and more spacious house. For people with growing families that need more space but have to keep costs down, house extensions in London make the most sense to keep up with your need for more space without breaking the bank.

Extensions can come in a variety of shapes and sizes but whether you live in a London home with a garden or in a townhouse with limited extra space outdoors, building an extra room is always an option, especially with the help of a good Architect and Contractor.
At Proficiency design and build contractors, we do not just work with your personal preferences, we also work with your budget to ensure we manage the house extension in London cost, to ensure there are no hidden costs!

At Proficiency, we make our house extension in London project plan a cohesive effort with the input of our clients so that you can have the home you have always wanted. We also make an effort to manage the home construction cost to stay within the budget while also offering the best options and our expertise for a safe and comfortable home extension in London.

London home extensions

House extensions have been the fast and simple solutions for a lot of homeowners in north and south London who have a growing need for more space. It can be anything from extending a kitchen to having a new living area for the family.
The growing popularity of home extensions in south London and North London are largely due to the growing demand for more space along with the rising costs of having your own home. But with a simple building work, you can have the added space you have always wanted without the hassle and high costs of moving to a new house.

house extension london

The options with home extensions London plans range from the more traditional house extensions to the contemporary. The beauty of a home extension in London is that you can get an extra space from scratch which means that it is open to all kinds of ideas. You can go for a more sustainable space with a lot of natural lighting, a new room that has a more open feel to it, or those glass walls you have always wanted, the options are endless.

Also, as you may know house extension plans are all about maximizing the spaces that you already have or did not know that you had. You can have a basement put in and "build down" as more and more home owners who are based in London are inclined to do. You can create a living area in your attic. Or you can turn the small patio that you have into a terrace. Building an extra space is all about making the most of what you already have.

Although the cost of new construction is not a quick decision, it will add value to your London home and transform your whole property.

Whether you want that perfect kitchen or dining area that you dream of for entertaining guests, additional bedrooms, bathrooms or a nice quiet study, we can turn your dreams into reality. We will work with you to decide the shape, size, windows, electrical fittings and doors, including all the important finishing touches, either it be in north London or South London.

House Extensions in London Includes the following types:

Extension Type Description
Single storey A room or a room extension with a vaulted ceiling that uses the pitched roof space.
Multi-storey A multi-storey extension can be built to any part of the existing building.
Wrap around Wrap around are created by combining a side return extension and a rear extension together.
An Over-structure An extension over the top of an existing structure such as a garage, a living / dining room or kitchen.
Porches Small extensions to the front of a house, although they can be much larger and can be built to the side or back.
Sunrooms A sunroom is essentially a conservatory with a solid roof and walls, including plenty of glazing.
Rear extensions

Rear Extension

wraparound extensions

Wrap around Extension

House extensions are very popular since they can take advantage of an empty space in your London house. For example, we can take an empty space in your current garden and transform it into a functional room such as a kitchen, office, gym, or even just another storage space for you and your family. Learn more about various extensions at our different types of house extension page.

Benefits of an extension and loft conversion

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Design & Build

From carefully planning the design of your new space in the early stages to executing the build we managing every step of the design and build production process.

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Loft Conversions

Create the immersive space within your London home that has laid waiting to be transformed – all whilst adding significant value to your property.

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Home Renovations

Re-design and re-work your home for your life today – for living the way you want and enjoying every moment.

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Basement Conversions

Create your underground retreat – convert a previously dark and underused space into a breath-taking, awe-inspiring environment.