types of earth moving equipment

Types Of Earth Moving Equipment

Which Type of Earth-Moving Equipment is Suited Best for Your House Construction?

If you know anything about the world of construction, you have a fair idea of how important earth-moving equipment is for the building process. In order to level surfaces, and move the extra soil and earth from around it, whether soft or hard and aid in the overall process construction, having the right kind of equipment will certainly make or break the construction process and will define whether things will go smoothly or not.

mini earth moving equipment

When it comes to extending your home or construction of small, private homes, in particular, there is a specific set of equipment that is used, and it’s important for you to know what each machine works on so that you are well informed.

List of earth-moving equipment & Heavy machinery used in construction industry

  • Compact track loader
  • Site dumpers
  • Mini bulldozer
  • Mini excavators
  • Excavators

1. Compact track loader

The compact track loader is made in a way to help keep things moving. Their defining feature is the fact that they are able to move over difficult surfaces due to their high floatation rubber tracks. They have big wheels to help them move and a short arm with a relatively large bucket connected to it. This is so that is can carry large amounts of earth and soil to and from the site.

2. Site Dumpers

Dumpers are vehicles that have a large open box-like container that takes up the majority of the vehicle in order to carry large amounts of earth that are either carried away or used to build a house. The defining feature is that the box can be tipped, making it each to offload as well as the load on the earth and soil.

3. Mini bulldozer

Bulldozers are vehicles that have a large spade like the item placed on the front, and they are used to even out the landscape by scraping the dirt to make the surface nice and clean. In the event of new build, there are both options of either using a bulldozer or a mini bulldozer. Depending on the area that you are landscaping.


4. Mini excavators

The excavator is important for small construction projects like building a home. It’s a vehicle that has a small area for the driver to sit in, and he controls the arm to which there is a bucket attached to it. You should go deeper into the different kinds of buckets available because each serves a different purpose. The excavator is probably the most important earth-moving machine on-site because it can do a couple of jobs- it can handle materials, help with the landscaping, carry pipes and of course aid with demolition.

The best equipment for your house

When it comes to earth moving equipment, it’s important that you make sure that the brands and machines you are using are credible, because the last thing you need is the vehicles not functioning properly and making a mess, or breaking down and not functioning at all. Listed above are the essentials when it comes to moving soil and materials, and should give you better insight so that you’re well informed.

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