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Loft Conversions London

Loft conversions in London are becoming even more popular as a way of creating additional living space where you can transform your empty attic into a new children's room, office, a guest bedroom or even a luxury en-suite bedroom, that you always wanted. An additional loft conversion can increase the value of your home by an average of 26%.

With so many benefits to be gained, there is no reason not to raise the roof and increase the value of your property.

At Proficiency we offer a no obligation initial consultation to discuss your project and understand your vision. This also gives us the opportunity to guide you and clarify any technical aspects of your loft or attic conversion such as:

- Loft conversions requirements.
- Planning permissions.
- Building regulations.
- Party wall agreements.
- Headroom requirements.
- Loft conversion average cost.
- Types of loft conversions.

london loft company

If you think your loft is not big enough to convert to a room then you will be pleased to know that you can open up your roof space and create that special place you dreamed of.

Loft conversions are a standard and fairly simple process to add an extension to the exiting roof with vertical projections on a sloping roof (hip end to gable end) to create additional floor space and headroom within the property.
In this way the loft conversion could get vertical wall and a horizontal ceiling and look like a proper room. It is one of the most common types of lofts conversions since by creating one you could get a great amount of extra space.

The most popular loft conversions types are:

  • Mansard ( L-shape mansard, double mansard)
  • Gambrel ( curb, kerb)
  • Hipped roofs ( Hip to Gablet, Hip, Half-hipped, Dutch gable)
  • Velux or roof-light
  • Loft conversion with roof terrace.

Types of lofts

Loft conversions in london are very popular since they take advantage of the empty space on your property's roof in to transforming it into a functional room, such as a bedroom, office, gym, or storage space.


Benefits of an extension / loft conversion

To find out more about all the benefits you can get by getting an Extension or Loft Conversion Click on the following link or Click on the "Request your free quote" button and we will contact you very soon.



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