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Interior design ideas for modern home office space

A lot of individuals choose to work from home these days. Work from home gives the employees flexibility and comfort. You have to create the perfect working from home environment to enjoy the benefits of remote work and home life. Getting the inspiration for designing a comfortable work space at home can be hard. Today, we’ll provide you with some of the best home office interior design ideas for inspiration.

How to plan and decorate home offices

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Home office designs require meticulous planning and a lot of preparation work. You can either do it yourself or hire a home office design company to do it for you. So, if you decide to do it yourself first, pick a suitable room for your work studio.

Select a room suitable for a working studio

A contemporary remote work studio needs a separate room. Different types of rooms can turn into a remote work studio. These include:

  • dining room
  • guest room
  • guest room
  • living room
Where would you like to have a work area in your home? Give a preference to rooms that provide a work surface with plenty of natural light. You can even build a dedicated room for your work studio if necessary. There are plenty of home office ideas.

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Make sure that a room has enough space for a home office

Whether you are going to transform a living room or any other rooms of your house, you have to ensure that there is enough space to create a remote work studio.

A working studio has to have enough space to work comfortably. Make sure that you will be able to move from side to side. There are minimal sizes of walls in a work studio room. The minimal width of a studio is 60 inches and the minimal depth of a studio is 84 inches.

You need to plan home office decor and buy all the necessary accessories for work space as well. There are many things that you need to take into account to create a modern home office design. These include:

  • computer desk
  • home office chair (desk chair)
  • desk space
  • desk lamp
  • storage space
  • shelving
  • task lighting
  • ceiling light

You can start selecting home office furniture, once your office is ready. The first thing you need to do is to buy a desk and chair. A lot of people, who work from home, prefer to have a dining table in their office.

Set the budget for a home office

You must be prepared to build a working studio financially. Set the budget for the construction works and furniture such as home office desks, chairs, etc. You may also need to buy equipment such as a PC, printer, fax, copier, etc. Don’t forget to budget for this equipment.

Many factors that affect the cost of creating a remote work studio. That’s why setting the budget for a project is not always easy. Get the consultation of luxury residential interior designers in London to be able to calculate the cost of setting up a custom home office in advance.

Some people who want to convert their unused loft space into a working studio. If a project involves attic conversion, then you have to budget up to £20,000 for a home work studio.

If no construction works need to be done, you will be able to set up a remote work studio for £1000 - £1700.

The most creative home office ideas

There are many ways to create a working studio at home. You can consider modern interior ideas if you would like to decorate a studio in a contemporary style. Study great interior design ideas for home office space carefully to get inspired and get started with a project.

Once a studio has been created, you have to do every single thing possible to add comfort to it. Decorate your work environment in style to make it more productive. Ask either an interior decorator or an interior designer for help if such a need arises.

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1. Creating a home office in small rooms

When building work studios in small rooms, it’s very important to get the most out floor space. You have to create a small home office interior and take advantage of space-saving solutions such as wall mounted shelving (wall shelves), office storage furniture, storage boxes, etc.

Pick the right chair for a studio. Herman miller would be the perfect choice for a small size area. It will be a good addition to a desk in the room where space is limited.

There are a lot of home office design ideas for small bedroom. So, you’ll find it easy to get inspiration and come up with a home office idea for a small space. Study all office design ideas carefully and make the best possible choice.

2. Creating a multi-purpose home office

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The contemporary home office can be used for different purposes. Here you can work, study, read books, meet with people, have a rest and so on. The work environment can easily turn into study space if such a need arises.

Multi-purpose rooms would be an ideal option for small houses that lack space. It makes sense to turn work space into a work studio. Such a working studio has to contain either a bed or sofa.

3. Use a partition wall to divide your work environment

It would be great to place acoustic panels on the walls in your studio. Such panels absorb sounds and help reduce noise.A multi-purpose work studio can serve as a dining area. Of course, such rooms have to contain a table. You can also eat at a desk.

4. Creating a home library

It’s a great idea to create a home library. The walls in the library can be used as storage space for books. The library can be used as a place to read books and study in your home. Here you can work remotely as well. A desk as well as swivel chairs will add a lot of comfort to your remote studio.

5. Create a home office in a Scandinavian style

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A lot of employees, who work at home, choose to create a studio in a scandinavian style. A gallery wall and artwork work well for such a design. If the color palette allows, you can add indoor plants to your work studio.

It’s Time to Create a Work Studio in Your Home

Have you dreamt about work from home for a long time? Now, you can turn your dreams into reality! Select a room that fits your remote studio’s needs first. After that, you have to buy all the necessary equipment for your work. After your work studio is ready, you have to make it look professional. Try your best to add comfort to your work environment and boost your productivity.

Clara Annesley

Clara Annesley is an interior design and construction content writer. She holds a BSc (Hons) in Architectural Design Technology from the University of West London. Clara specialises in residential construction for topics like health & safety, architectural design and writing cost guides for renovation and remodelling projects.