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Do builders take away rubbish

Knowing whether builders take away the rubbish they produce is important in planning ahead for a construction project properly. There are many logistical issues to sort out, and the better prepared you are, the smoother everything will go. Most importantly, you should avoid burdening yourself with tasks that are the responsibility of someone else.

Is a contractor responsible for all waste generated during a construction project?

A contractor is responsible for removing all the waste they generate during a construction project. Anything related to their construction work should be disposed of by the builders themselves. You should not have to handle any construction waste on your own.

This is not just a matter of passing the workload to someone else. There might be some health hazards associated with the removal of certain types of waste. This makes it important to leave it in the hands of professionals who know what they’re doing. Otherwise, you could be creating a liability issue, both for yourself and the contractors.

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Does a contractor need a special license for removing waste?

A special license is required for removing waste from a construction site. There are two tiers to this license, with the higher one connected to specific types of waste like rubble and other rough materials.

Make sure to verify that your contractor is properly licensed for waste removal. Otherwise, they could be charged with a fine. On your side, this could mean slowing down the construction project and having to find an urgent replacement. If things get really messy, you could find yourself with a worksite that constantly gets loaded with more and more rubbish, making it impossible to do any actual construction work on it.

In short, leave your builders to take away the rubbish they’ve produced, but make sure they are licensed to do so. You should already be in the habit of explicitly verifying the licenses of the contractors you work with anyway, as this can prevent a lot of trouble in your construction project in general.


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