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A builder is a skilled worker who engages in a manual labour such as maintenance for a residential project and or a large scale comercial construction work. A builder is also known as a construction worker, contractor, or tradesman.

A tradesman works in a building site like a small residential job to extend an house. It can also involve a commercial job such as refurbishing a small front shop.

Builders are not regulated, which means anyone can become a builder. Hence ensure they have insurance.

Before Work starts

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During the work

Discover pitfalls and what to look out for during your construction work. Good management will save you time and save you the hassle of unpredictable.

  • Even with perfect planning, it’s possible you might have to switch builders during a construction project. Are you prepared to handle the situation? How to go about chaning current builders
  • Dealing with a builder that suddenly goes out of business is never pleasant. What do to if they go broke and out of business.
  • Working in the rain is occasionally not a problem for builders. Though can you work in rain? Find out what the exceptions are!
  • Do builders work during the winter time? Can you work in Winter? What should you be aware if they do work in the winter time.
  • It’s not common to give a tip to builders, and there are some good reasons for that. Though should you tip a builder? There’s still a lot you can do without tipping to help out if you feel like it.
  • Having a plan for waste disposal is a crucial part of planning a construction project and avoiding unexpected delays. Do builders take care of rubish?
  • While there are standards for the working hours of builders. Neverless, how long do they work in a day. There are also some exceptions which you need to be aware of before starting a construction project.
  • Builders are generally responsible for all defects arising from improper work done by them. But who is responsible for defects?
  • Sometimes there are delays in your building project. Though how long can they delay it for?

After work has been done