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Bathroom Renovation Checklist Tips

Any kind of renovation should involve a checklist of sorts. The bathroom offers some additional challenges when it comes to renovating. Having a bathroom renovation checklist at hand allows you to avoid running into unanticipated issues later on down the road. Having an idea of the expenses that you're likely to incur will prevent having you pause the renovations until you increase your budget, and that brings us to our first checklist tip....

1. Have A Budget

Starting a bathroom renovation without having an initial idea of the costs involved is sort of like walking into your in-laws unprepared. You don't know what to expect, what to do, and you certainly didn't dress for this. Develop a plan of what your fantasy bathroom would look like with the following complete bathroom renovation cost guide.

Create a bathroom renovation checklist of what you would like to get done, what the materials are, the estimated labor hours, and you'll have a general range of expected costs. With this number in mind you'll be able to make decisions that are geared around your finances. Having to stop constructive renovations midway in order to save for an increased budget is going to be a pain. Keep in mind if you have another bathroom to use while the renovations are underway, if you only have one, you're especially going to want to stay within the budget parameters that you've set.

2. Function Over Form

Having the beautiful bathroom you've always wanted is important. Having a functioning bathroom is absolutely mandatory. When you're setting your budget, and designing your peaceful place make sure you're keeping functionality in mind. A poorly functioning bathroom that looks nice is going to add headaches in your future, and it's going to decrease the value of your home if you ever look to sell.

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3. Humidity Is Thy Enemy

I'm sure no one will need a reminder of the extensive damage that water can do to a home given time. It damages drywall, and invites mold, neither of which are attractive outcomes for someone who wants a newly renovated bathroom. If having a fan or some form of airflow isn't in your bathroom plan, or added into your budget, highly consider this addition. The added expense of having a fan in your bathroom is going to definitely reduce the likelihood of having to conduct repairs in the future. Even if you have to downgrade some of the other aspects of your ideal bathroom, the fan is a must. If you want to just pull the trigger on the repairs, but can't quite afford installing the fan yet, considering waiting and saving until you can increase the budget on these renovations.

4. Prepare to Have Company

Even if you're the handiest person on earth chances are you're going to need to hire some form of professional contract work. Plan your renovation around a good time for you, if the kids are home for the holidays, chances are you don't want contractors coming in and out of your property working. You can always call and get a quotation for renovation from electrical and plumbing contractors so you have an idea of the labor hours and material costs in mind. If there is work that you plan on doing yourself, make sure you're updated on the building codes required of you before you get into any work. Unless you're a professional electrician I would highly recommend you leave that work to the professionals. If you're adept at flooring, that can be an easier part of the project to complete on your own without having to invest in expensive labor hours contracting work can involve.

5. Lighting is Key

I'm sure we've all had an experience in a poorly lit bathroom before. One where the shower is far too dark and it makes for an uncomfortable experience. Yet despite our history with these bathrooms, sometimes we don't always think about the importance of lighting. If you're fully renovating your bathroom, consider having lighting explicitly for the shower, and then the rest of the bathroom. This of course is dependant on the size of the bathroom, and how important lighting is to you. A small bathroom isn't going to require a division in the lighting, but a larger bathroom might benefit from this design. Be sure to include all of the details required in your budget, down to the last detail. Keeping ideas like lighting in the back of your mind is going to make sure you don't run into an unexpected cost.

Always keep in mind your budget when it comes to any kind of renovation. Make sure it's designed to function, will avoid moisture, and you have prepared yourself for the intrusion of contractors in your living space. Keeping these points in mind will help make this renovation go over smoothly for you.


Clara Annesley

Clara Annesley is an interior design and construction content writer. She holds a BSc (Hons) in Architectural Design Technology from the University of West London. Clara specialises in residential construction for topics like health & safety, architectural design and writing cost guides for renovation and remodelling projects.