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Where is free parking in Fulham

Where can you park? Getting free parking can be quite hectic in a place like Fulham. From the alert traffic wardens patrolling the streets to being overcharged for parking space, it can be quite the hassle. Even though there are several restricted parking zones, there are areas that are not restricted. Here are some areas where you should expect to find free parking at certain times.

Zone Free parking time/ day
AA, BB, C, CC, D, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, T, V, VV After 6 pm on weekdays
All day on Saturday and Sunday
F, NN, O, Q, QQ, R, U, W, X, Z After 5pm on weekdays & Saturday
All day on Sunday
B All week after 7pm
CC All week after 8pm
K(Richford Street area) Before 9am and after 8pm all week

You are pretty limited in where you can park your car. The local council gives priority to those residents who live in Fulham. Locals tend to host a lot of activities in the area that attract more cars, especially on bank holidays, so it will be harder to park your car.

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Is there a free parking near Fulham FC

The closest free parking near Fulham FC is Rocks Lane. Other places nearby that have free parking include Coomer Place, and Sainsbury’s which is free only to their customers. When it comes to free parking, timing is an important aspect you need to consider.

Is parking free on bank holidays in Fulham

Parking is free on bank holidays and on Sundays for most of the parking spots. Some of the zones in Fulham where parking is free all day during holidays include the following zones: AA, A, BB, C, D, HE, EE, F, H, I, J, L, M, N, NN, O, Q, QQ, R, S, T, U, V, VV, W, X, and Z.

Cheap parking in Fulham

Since free parking is pretty limited in Fulham, getting affordable parking is pretty convenient. Depending on how long you intend to stay, you can get cheap parking fom as low as £0.45 in Fulham. The longer the duration the more you should expect to pay. The type of car you have is also crucial in determining how much parking you’ll pay. Parking a diesel car will cost twice as much as a petrol car.

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