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6 Interesting things to do in Fulham

There are multiple lovely things you could do in Fulham. Today you could visit a local palace, walk down the charming North End Road or explore six other unique things to do.

Found in the London Borough of Hammersmith, Fulham is a beautiful gem sandwiched between Hammersmith and Chelsea. Victorian and Edwardian homes are the common property types in the area, with most of them being family houses popular for their sizeable garden spaces.

From Stamford Bridge, which happens to be home to the famous Premier League football club, Chelsea, to the hidden Fulham palace, you'll find several amusing attractions in this upmarket residential area. Highlighted below are some of the things to do when living in Fulham.

What to do in Fulham?

  1. Walk around the Fulham palace
  2. Visit Fulham Football Club
  3. Take a stroll on Lillie Road
  4. Explore the charming North End Road
  5. Enjoy different cuisines
  6. Visit the best pubs
  7. Walk in Bishop Park
  8. Entertainment

1. Visit the Fulham palace

Among the fun things to do in the area, we'd suggest a visit to Bishop Gardens, which also happens to be home to Fulham Palace. The Fulham palace is one of the beautiful historical buildings that allow you to soak in the architectural prowess of the local builders. It comprises outstanding Georgian, Tudor, and Victorian architecture.

For the longest time, the palace was home to the Bishops of London, making for an ideal retreat in the warm summer months. To make the most of your time there, you can always opt for a guided tour around the palace and its lush gardens.

Chelsea football Stadium

2. Visit the home to Fulham and Chelsea football clubs

Fulham is home to two Premier League football clubs; Chelsea and Fulham FC. Stamford Bridge, which happens to be around 20 minutes from Chelsea, serves as the home for Chelsea football club. There's also Craven Cottage stadium which is home to Fulham FC for the longest time.

These two teams, which are located only a stone's throw away from each other, are also known for being the greatest football rivals for a long time. So if you're lucky enough, you might get some action between the two champions.

3. Collect beautiful antiques along Lillie Road

If you are into collectables and memorabilia, you will certainly have a field day with all the antique stores along Lillie Road. Even better if you're an interior designer because you're likely to come across some very unique items. With all the antique shops you'll find along Lillie Road, you are likely to collect some valuable memorabilia.

4. Enjoy the charming North End Road

It's at the North End Road that Fulham comes to life thanks to all the hustle and bustle going on in the area. You will also come across various restaurants and stalls along the street, with traders having a variety of things for sale. If you're thinking of what to do in London, a little shopping spree in this part of Fulham will certainly be therapeutic.

5. Enjoy different cuisines in Fulham

If you're feeling hungry, there are several restaurants and cafes we can suggest for you to visit when you're in Fulham. Whether you're looking to enjoy some nice steak on a beautiful Sunday or some scrumptious Italian food, you won't be disappointed.

Some of these restaurants include

  • The Rive Cafe
  • The Hardwood Arms
  • The Malt House
  • The Tommy Tucker
  • Santa Maria
  • Best Mangal

Of course, apart from the ones listed above, there are other places where you can enjoy delicious meals and pass the time during your stay in Fulham.

empty british pub

6. Visit the best pubs and bars in Fulham

If you want to have an unforgettable experience of some of the best British beer in London, there are several bars and pubs you can visit. For some thirst-quenching craft beer, you can head over to The Rose, Amuse Bouche, or Octoberfest Pub to get a glimpse of how the Germans do it. For the best wine bar, then a visit to Vagabond should be something you should consider.

If you're looking to enjoy some live sport over some great booze, then The Chelsea Pensioner and The Butcher's Hook are some of the spots you should consider visiting, especially when the Blues have an away match.

River Thames

7. Visit the beach in Bishops Park

One of the fun activities you can do in Fulham includes visiting a beautiful urban beach area in Bishops Park. Here, you can indulge in various fun leisure activities like basketball, skating, and even tennis, among others.

You can also decide to enjoy some relaxing strolls by the Thames river. With the various garden spaces like the Spanish war memorial garden, rose garden, or sculpture garden in the area, you can enjoy some zen time in any of the breath-taking lush spaces.

8. Enjoy the nightlife

Although the entertainment scenes in the area can be pretty limited, there are some gems. There are some spots you can visit for a wonderful evening. Under the Bridge is one of those intimate spots to enjoy a lively atmosphere. And as the name suggests, the place is literally under the Stamford Bridge Stadium.

Durell Arms is yet another joint you can consider for some acoustic music on Friday or Saturday evenings. If you're looking to enjoy some crowd-pleasing music, then Kona Kai is the place to be.

Best things to do in Fulham Broadway

From the above, you can see some of the most popular activities you can do in Fulham. Whether you're with your friends or family, your stay in Fulham can be quite enjoyable, considering all of the activities that you can indulge in.

However, if you're more of a homebody, you can always do interesting things like renovating your property or perhaps extending your home. With the wide array of things you can achieve from having an extension, you will certainly enjoy it.

From acquiring extra space, giving your space a brand new look, to adding some personal touches to your space, we can go on and on about it. Luckily, the property types in Fulham are ideal for home improvement, thus making it an eligible solution.

When it comes to decorating your space, well, those visits to Lillie Road and North End Road will certainly pay off. It will be a great opportunity to have your interior designer create for you a more personalised space. But most importantly, enjoy all the interesting things Fulham has to offer.

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