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What areas are in South London

What areas in South London are good for living? This part of the city is very picturesque and it’s best known for the locations that have a village-like feel.

South London has everything that’s needed for a comfortable life - parks, stylish hangouts, good transport infrastructure, etc. Local transport allows residents to reach the top London attractions quickly.

1. Putney

Putney is incredibly popular among renters. The statistics shows that the rental prices in Putney range between £240 - £1,350 per week.

The district impresses with its countryside atmosphere and rural lifestyle. The area would be the perfect choice for people, who prefer to live in green space.

There are many bars, pubs and coffee shops in Putney. The district offers great opportunities for shoppers. Putney also has top rated schools.

2. Fulham

Families which can’t afford living in Chelsea often give a preference to Fulham. It tends to be cheaper than the surrounding areas.

There are many Victorian and Edwardian terrace houses as well as Georgian houses in the district. The area has different types of properties including duplexes, townhouses as well as blocks of flats with 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom flats. So, you will be able to buy any type of a property in Fulham.

There are many bars, cafes and restaurants in the area. The cuisine is very diverse. Food stalls offer fried chicken, piza, kebabs, tacos and many other dishes.

Fulham is a real paradise for shoppers. There is a shopping center located in the district’s central part. You can also enjoy shopping in multiple local stores.

Pagoda in Battersea

3. Battersea

Battersea is the ideal place for people who love nature. The area is located on the bank of the River Thames.

Battersea provides easy access to London Bridge, Crystal Palace and other interesting city’s locations. Using transport links you can easily get to Bromley, North London, Central London, Peckham, Greenwich, Croydon and other areas of London.

The area impresses with its beautiful garden, parks and wildlife. It is one of the best places to commute and enjoy many other outdoor activities.

When looking to rent an apartment in the Battersea, people usually give a preference to studio flats. This type of property is incredibly popular among renters in the area.

4. Clapham

Clapham is one of the London’s most vibrant areas. The area has its leafy streets and a beautiful park.

This district is one of the most popular places for renters. A lot of young people live here. Clapham has a convenient location. If you take advantage of transport links, you will find it easy to get to any part of Central London.

Clapham is one of the best places in England to have a rest during the summer months. Here, you’ll be able to find bars, restaurants and pubs for all tastes and budgets. There is also a market where you can buy foods.

Most of buildings in the area are designed in the Victorian style. There are flats, full houses with gardens and other types of properties in the area. Here, you can also find a property designed in the Georgian style.

5. Balham

Balham is another good area in South West London. The area has become a home for so many young couples and families.

A lot of people chose to move to Balham from Fulham, Croydon, Greenwich, Peckham, Victoria and other London’s districts. The area has good schools, leafy open spaces, a good transportation system and everything that’s needed for normal living.

Deers in richmond park

6. Richmond

7. Richmond is located on the South of the city. Peckham and Croydon are located nearby. The district is known for its beautiful architecture, premium restaurants, etc.

This district has a rural feel. There are gardens, park as well as places to go for a picnic.

It’s one of the most prestige London’s districts. There are many elite restaurants in the area. The district has a large selection of premium properties for sale.

8. Pimlico

Many people know Pimplico area due to its squares, terraces, park, beautiful public gardens around Victoria and the amazing Regency architecture.

Pimlico offers endless shopping opportunities. The line of local shops offer antiques, arts, cheese, furniture and everything that you need.

The area has lots of great schools. There are both private and state schools in Pimlico.

Different types of properties are available for sale and rent in the Pimlico area, including stucco houses, riverside homes, flats, etc. Social housing is the most popular type of property in the district.

9. Wandsworth

Wandsworth is incredibly popular among young professionals. It’s the right place to move to if you would like to live in the up-to-date riverside apartments upon Thames.

There are a lot of Victorian and Edwardian houses in Wandsworth. So, you’ll find it easy to buy a property that fits your preferences and budget. Here, you can enjoy beautiful views every single day.

The life in the district is very interesting. The district has the line of boutiques where you can enjoy shopping. There are also many independent cafes and stylish pubs where you can have a great time with family or friends.

Chelsea football Stadium

10. Chelsea

Chelsea is one of the most desirable and expensive districts to live in London South part. The district has a convenient location.

The district has urban feel. Chelsea is famous for its culture, fashion, luxurious restaurants and stores and, of course, for its legendary Chelsea football club.

There are many interesting places to visit and see. These include: the Royal Court Theater, Sloan Square, the Saatchi Gallery, Cadogan Hall, Chelsea Physic Garden and many others.

11. Twickenham

Twickenham is conveniently located in the city south to Royal Botanic Gardens. The district has rich and interesting culture. Bus and train routes connect to different locations.

Twickenham is the ideal district to live in for people who love sport. You will find it interesting to live in this district particularly if you are a big fan of rugby. The area is best-known for its Twickenham Stadium that has a capacity of 82,000 people.

12. Kennington

Kennington attracts families as well as young professionals. The district is expensive and prices on houses in Kennington are high. However, the district has a lot to offer to its residents.

This district has four lovely garden squares as well as public spaces. The district is surrounded by cafes, shops and hotels.

Kennington would be an ideal location to live for cricket fans. If you live in Kennington, you will be able to watch the international cricket matches.

We have just told you about the best districts in South London. Actually, this list could go on and on. Among other good locations are Croydon, Peckham, Victoria, etc. Now, it’s time for you to decide in which part of the city you should live. Hopefully, you’ll make a smart choice. Best of luck!

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