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How to Cool Down an Attic Bedroom?

Converting your attic into a bedroom is a great solution to having more bedrooms in your house, maybe an extra one for visitors. But as we all know, hot air rises and so your attic bedroom is on the receiving end of all the heat from your lower rooms. And especially in summer, sometimes your attic bedroom could easily feel overheated and uncomfortable, forcing you to seek refuge elsewhere any time you want to have some good relaxation time. Now that you have an attic bedroom, it’s only noble to find ways to cool it down. But how exactly can you do this? Well, here are a few tips you can implement to cool down an attic bedroom.

How to Cool Down a Loft Room

Yes, that spooky space that is often dark and prone to moisture/heat problems can be converted into living space. Before you even think of making your attic a livable space room, there are a few factors you need to put into consideration. They all revolve around controlling temperature and improving air circulation. Some things you can do to cool down your loft room may include:

Install an Attic Fan

When your attic bedroom is heating up, one way you can cool it is by running a fan or several if you can afford it. If you are using multiple fans, placing them at different positions could help to effectively cool your attic bedroom. Place one fan near the vent (if there’s one), install another on the roof and the other on the wall. While fans do not necessarily produce cold air, they help circulate air in any space, thus providing a cooling effect. hot attic solutions

Ventilate Your Attic

A supply of natural air is vital to the cooling of your attic bedroom by moving the hot air out of the room and allowing cooler air inside. An attic bedroom that lacks proper ventilation will often experience excessive heat problems. Installing several vents at various positions in your attic can go a long way in cooling it down. You only need to decide how you want your ventilation system to be depending on the size of your attic. You could use one of the different types of vents or you could choose to combine the ridge, gable and soffit vents. So if your loft space bedroom is missing ventilation, it’s probably high-time you installed vents for a cooler environment.

Air Conditioner

Air conditioners are not just for offices and ordinary living rooms. An attic bedroom can sometimes get extremely hot, especially in the warmer months such as April. Fortunately, this is something you can solve by installing a portable window AC for a cool attic bedroom. These portable air conditioning system versions provide you with an attic cooling solution without having to spend an arm and a leg or breaking the bank.

Attic Insulation Keeps House Cool

Insulating your attic bedroom limits the amount of heat that gets into your room as the insulating material acts as a barrier between the roof and the room. High-performance insulation board is most preferred to resist the heat that would otherwise cause discomfort. To know the proper kind of insulation you need in your house, you will need to get and advice from loft company that has the expertise in the field. To spare yourself the trouble of having to cool your attic bedroom using expensive methods, you’d better adequately insulate your attic.

Hot Attic Solutions

A hot attic can be a huge challenge, especially for anyone looking to convert the loft into usable living space. To beat the heat, some of the most common solutions include installing fans, adding ventilation, installing an attic air conditioner or adding insulation. You may also want to invest in a new roof that is reflective if you intend to transform your loft into an extra room in your home.

In summary, there are several methods that you can use to cool down your attic bedroom as listed above. Depending on your attic bedroom and other factors such as energy efficiency and prices, it’s always good to determine the best option that works for you. Hopefully, the above few pointers have shed some light and improving the comfort of your attic bedroom will be less of a hurdle at this point.

Clara Annesley

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