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Site Preparation for construction

In any building construction, a few restless procedures are always involved. Some are easier than others, while some are not. Site preparation for construction is definitely considered to be on the 'not so easy' side of the spectrum. Seeing that it requires a lot of hard labor, and a lot of hands-on follow-up, this particular segment is broken up into several steps. But what you may be asking yourself is, 'what's site preparation?' Well, here it is.

What is site preparation?

The process of site preparation is not an easy one as it involves demolishing buildings and other structures. Then, having done so, comes into the clearing of building sites and the sale of materials gathered from the demolished structure, whether the structure is a building, tree or just something else. However, there is more to site preparation as it also includes blasting, test drilling, landfill, leveling, earth-moving, excavating, land drainage and more land preparations. This process is usually a lengthy one, depending on the size of the building, you'll be able to deduce an approximation for when you'll finish.

construction site preparation

Construction site preparation steps

Seeing how site preparation is but a number of procedures all condensed and crammed up, breaking them into steps will be much easier to approach. Though, firstly, you should make a specific consideration towards cranes. Whether you're looking to build something of a skyscraper, or just an average sized building, either way you may find that you need a crane hire, to help out with the heavy lifting. According to Maxim Lifting Services you can get anything from a mini crane to a tower crane hire for your site.

Here are the steps you should take note of:

  1. Draw property lines. This is the easier part of the whole preparation process. What you want to do here is make sure the lines of the property you are yet to build are staked out properly. You can turn to the blueprints and plans to guide you.
  2. Clearing. This is where it can get a little messy. You'll be calling on the demolition crew to tear and wreck everything down. Now, that could be by removing some inconveniently placed stones, a few trees, anything that gets in your way, really.
  3. Excavation. This is the process of creating a good foundation for what you're building. It's done by digging out dirt, and depending on how large the building is going to be, the excavation could go deeper.
  4. Land Grading. Land grading is where you begin to reach the end of your preparations. What you do here is quite simple, you just level and compact the soil on your site. This is done to have a properly inclined ground, so you would have the land sloping at the correct angle.
  5. Utility mapping. Sometimes, you'll find that your property may not have access to the essentials of any building. This includes power and plumbing, mainly. So what you’ll have to do is choose where and how to install the sewer lines, get cables for your power and anything else that may be necessary during this preparation process.

With site preparation for construction, you should take great care in each step you're about to take. Since each of them often consist of more than one part and do take a long time to complete. Upon finishing preparations you are ready to start with the design and build construction and make the most of your building site.

Clara Annesley

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