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North London Areas

North London area is undoubtedly a mix of unique cultures and a fun social scene. Whether you want a quiet neighbourhood or a place with all the bustle and buzz, North London has a place for everyone. Not to mention how budget friendly the place is compared to south London. But bear in mind that there are also other high-end places if that's what you're after. Let's have a look at some of the areas living in North London is like.

Where to live in north london area

  1. Hampstead
  2. Finsbury Park
  3. Islington
  4. Camden
  5. Muswell Hil
  6. Archway
  7. Swiss Cottage
  8. Belsize Park
  9. Primrose Hill
  10. Crouch End
  11. Kentish Town
  12. West Hampstead

1. Hampstead

Hampstead heath Park

Hampstead is one of North London’s beloved neighbourhoods situated in the Borough of Camden just next to Barnet. If you’re looking for high-end property, this is somewhere you should consider looking. Although the property might be a tad bit costly, the properties are significantly large thus making it ideal for families. Not to mention that with the building companies in North London, you can always modify your home to suit your needs.

Hampstead is located in zone 2, making it perfect for anyone who needs a daily commute. It has a tube station served by the Jubilee Line that takes approximately 30 minutes to commute to Liverpool Street and London, and 20 minutes to Bond Street. The overground station is on the Richmond to Stratford line, served by the Thames link trains that go to Gatwick airport and Brighton.

2. Finsbury Park

Squirrel in Finsbury Park

If you’re after an active social scene with a quick commute, Finsbury Park is the perfect place for you. Located in the three boroughs of Hackney, Islington, and Haringey, it is among the most central places in London that one can live in. Finsbury Park is served by the Victoria and Piccadilly Lines that get you to Central London in 15 minutes.

Finsbury Park is among the area’s best amenities, with 110 acres of ground, there are several sporting activities that take place in the area ranging from football, tennis, and boating. Unlike most London properties, Finsbury has a lot of modern rental flats,making it ideal for young families and adults

3. Islington

A row of narrowboats in Islington on Regent's canal

Located in the borough of Islington, Islington is one of North London's most preferred residential areas thanks to its proximity to Central London and well connected transport links. If you fancy walking, it only takes you around 30 minutes. Being the vibrant neighbourhood it is, there are plenty of things to do in the area ranging from exploring different cuisines, to the various bars in the area for a fun nightlife.

Apart from the recent developments in the borought, you’ll also come across various properties from the Victorian and Georgian periods. The good thing with such properties, is that you can always use a builder to convert your Islington proprert to suit your needs. One bedroom modern apartments are pretty common and affordable in Islington thanks to the new developments thus making it an ideal area especially if you're not looking for a family home.

4. Camden

Camden Town

Located only a few miles North of Central London next to Regent park and St johns wood, NW8, Camden is yet another area in North London that makes for an ideal place for anyone that wants to be centrally located. Not to mention the Camden has a unique charm. Only a 20-minute walk from Central London, the area is well-known for its bustling lifestyle and its markets.

From Victorian townhouses, council homes to modern flats, the property scene in Camden town is pretty impressive. From the various bus stations to the Camden Town station serving the Northern Line, transport means should be the least of your worries. Not to mention some of the fun things to do in North London like taking a visit to the outstanding attractions in the area like the London Zoo, Regents Park and the Jewish Museum among others.

5. Muswell Hill

For a calm and leafy neighbourhood in North London, then Muswell Hill is the place for you. From Hampstead Heath, Alexander park, Highgate wood, and Waterflow park, the amount of green space in the area is simply more than enough for any lover of nature. The endless list of beautiful boutiques and classy eateries is here to ensure that all your needs are met.

Whether you need a classy tearoom or want to enjoy a meal at one of the plush restaurants, you are sure to find the right place for you in Muswell Hill. For those with younger kids, then there is a wide range of top schools for you to choose from. Ranked as one of London’s most expensive suburbs, and rightfully so, Muswell Hill has amazing access to the Northern Line and is hence perfect for the young professionals and those with families alike.

6. Archway

If you are a young professional, then this place is just what you might be looking for. located in Islington, Archway is a residential area that is still going through some development and growth and hence is still quite affordable and exciting at the same time so it’s perfect if you are still mindful of what comes out of your pockets.

In terms of shopping and leisure joints, this is a place that you can’t get enough of. This area has so much to offer in the line of chic restaurants and amazing cafes. The great gastropubs can't be left out of the picture when you are talking about Archway.

For the ones who prefer their time more quiet, then there is also a great selection of cozy pubs which they will most definitely enjoy. Being really close to wider Islington and Highgate, you are never really that far from any of the best entertainment options.

7. Swiss cottage

High street in London with red buss on the road

If you’re a fan of Victorian-style housing, then you will most definitely love this place. Swiss Cottage is mostly regarded as one of North London’s quieter areas with the amazing leafy atmosphere, parklands, and the general suburban community vibe of the place. The good thing about this place is that there are plenty of available rental apartments.

For the ones who enjoy a morning run, then the nearby Regents Park and Primrose provide you with the perfect locations for your run. For the cyclists, the Cycle Superhighway 11, which is still under construction, will be of benefit to you. In the matter of transportation, Finchley Road and Swiss Cottage serve as the closest tube stations with strong bus routes and overground trains also servicing the area.

8. Belsize park

Belsize Park is located just south of Hampstead and is often considered one of the best areas in North London if you are looking to live a simple life and explore the incredibly beautiful place. Some people would say that one of the best things about this area are the mews and beautiful houses you could admire all day, from McCrone to Daleham mews.

On top of that, Belsize Park is clustered with beautiful shops and amazing independent restaurants, and beautiful cafes which are all devoted to ensuring customer satisfaction. This is a place that will be sure to meet all your needs and give you a great chance to have the leisure of living in a great neighbourhood.

9. Primrose hill

View to London Skyline from Primrose Hill park

With a famous park with a great view, a mix of pastel houses and not forgetting the great pubs, living in Primrose Hill may as well be the ideal living area for most people in North London. The array of fun shops and out-of-this-world food markets available in the area only serve to make it even better. The amazing view on Primrose Hill commonly has people flocking into the area just to take a couple of photos.

Although most people are there for the stunning views, it is worthwhile to take a trip to explore some of the area’s side streets like Chalcot Square and Chalcot Crescent and get a glimpse of the amazing pastel facades.

10. Crouch end

This is yet another amazing neighbourhood in North London. This area is one that is always bubbling with fun, especially if you are the more adventurous type who loves to get around and explore the areas around. Crouch end has a truly local feel to it. For some reason, the design-led stores and the bookshops will always have something nice you might want to carry back home with you.

For lovers of great scenery, then you’ll most definitely enjoy the amazing view of North London which is offered by some of the more elevated streets. This is an area that seemingly has it all and is worth all the credit that is given to it.

11. Kentish Town

Located east of Belsize park, this is one area that has gone through so much change over the years. Kentish Town is dotted with some graceful historic homes and a mix of pastel houses found along Leverton Street. For the more outgoing people, the area has a number of great pubs where you can always stop by and grab yourself a drink or two.

12. West Hampstead

West Hampstead Farmers' Market

If you are looking to live like a local, then West Hampstead should definitely be on your list of places in North London to consider. Back up by Hampstead, this place features a mix of a lively high street and dainty residential streets.

Walking down West end Lane, you will find everything from bakeries to some really great bookshops. This is considered by most people to be the perfect place to get a great feel for life and even soak up the wonderful atmosphere of the area.

West Hampstead Proficiency Office

Best places to live in north london

  • Hampstead
  • St Johns Wood
  • Highate
  • Muswell Hil
  • Primrose Hill
  • Queens Park
  • Maida Vale
  • Belsize Park

It’s evident that there is a place for everyone in North London. Having looked at the various North London areas, you can easily make an informed decision on the most suitable postal location for you to reside in or explore.

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