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Design and build contract advantages and disadvantages

Proficiency a design and build company has an integrated team of architectural designers and general building contractors who work together with their clients to bring the best of both worlds to every project. Let's have a look at the design and build contract advantages and disadvantages.

Design and build contract advantages and disadvantages

What are the benefits of design and build

One of the advantages of design-build approach would be a single company in the hands of a whole process. There is only one point of responsibility for the quality, cost and scheduled tasks. Single design and build company is motivated to deliver a successful project by fulfilling multiple tasks. Including tasks such as great design, quality, budget and project management. In this way, the owner can focus on what they actually want. Rather than being the middle man between the designer and builders. Additionally, by having a single company for all your project designs, with builders working together with the common goal of keeping your costs within budget and ensuring your goal is met. By employing a single company to work on your property you will achieve smooth cooperation and exceptional time management. As a result, projects are completed faster and with no surprises or hidden costs!

Finally, a single company will be responsible to prepare and monitor your budget throughout the design and building process, and inform you for any issues.

Proficiency now have a brand-new office in Finchley Road where you are able to pop in or call up to have any queries you have answered. We have an in-house architectural design team who would be happy to work alongside you and your visions helping your dream become reality. If you ever have any questions or just need some advice, one of our friendly members of the Proficiency team are always at hand to answer your call or open the door to you with a smile.


Design and build advantages

Get the whole design and build benefits by choosing Proficiency for your building project. You will benefit by having a single design and build company, motivated to deliver a successful project by fulfilling multiple tasks, including great design, quality, budget and project management.

Proficiency can work with any property renovation or house extension, from complex double basement developments to new builds.


At Proficiency you can find a full range of services from existing basement conversions to full property renovations, full structural work or installation of new basements.

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