modern TV room with large wooden display case and grey suspended cabinets in Clanricarde Gardens London

Clanricarde Gardens

modern lounge with large grey couch, wooden floor with rug and white wall
black paned floor to ceiling windows with view of modern wooden staircase
modern white bathroom with sink, toilet, mirror cabinets and shower with fixed shower head
home office with minimalist desk, woodnen book case and wood flooring

The Clanricarde Gardens project in London, a meticulous and comprehensive renovation, revitalized a residence in the serene Clanricarde Gardens area. This extensive project included a whole house renovation, focusing on modernizing and optimizing each space for comfort and style, similar to the high-quality refurbishments seen in nearby Notting Hill. The ground floor was transformed to create an inviting and functional living area, the heart of the home. The living room's blend of contemporary and classic design elements enhanced its welcoming ambiance, reminiscent of the elegant touches often found in Abingdon Villas. The staircase, significantly updated, became an elegant architectural feature connecting the home's levels. Finally, the bathroom's renovation, marrying luxury and practicality, transformed it into a tranquil retreat, reflecting Clanricarde Gardens' sophisticated charm.