open plan lounge and modern kitchen with large marble island in Abingdon Villas London

Abingdon Villas London

entrance with staircase with black and wooden railing
upstairs bathroom with black paned glass doors
kitchen with farmhouse sink, wooden countertop and suspended spice rack
modern bathroom with marbled walls, freestanding bath tub and dual sink

The Abingdon Villas project in London represented a luxurious and comprehensive refurbishment within the respected Abingdon Villas area. This project involved a sophisticated interior design makeover, incorporating high-end finishes and bespoke elements to reflect the elegance of Abingdon Villas. A key aspect of the renovation was the loft extension, which not only provided additional living space but was also designed to complement the property's original charm. Furthermore, the project included a complete renovation to modernize and rejuvenate the entire space, ensuring every detail aligned with contemporary luxury standards, perfectly embodying the upscale essence of Abingdon Villas.