Loft Conversion Ideas You Can Implement in Barnet

Whether you are in need of some additional space to accommodate your growing family, or perhaps you just want a modern loft for your Barnet property, there’s quite a number of options that you can opt for. When working with qualified and reliable builders in Barnet, turning some of these loft conversion ideas into reality won’t be a struggle at all.

Barnet is known for the different types of property, ranging from Georgian, Victorian, to Edwardian homes among many others. If your property falls among any of these, then having a loft conversion in Barnet would be a great solution for your property.

pWith an extension, you’ll also be able to reserve the unique architectural value of your home while also adding a touch of modern style to it. Below are some of the designs that you can choose for your property in the EN5 area.

en-suite loft

Having an en-suite bedroom

Getting an extra bedroom for your property is a sure way to get additional space for your property. It gets even better when you decide to have a fully equipped bathroom in your bedroom. This is said to add the most value to your property. You also won’t have to worry about acquiring the extra space to accommodate your growing family or even your visiting guests.

Making use of all the nooks and crannies

When having a loft conversion, there tends to be a lot of awkward spaces especially because of the sloping roofs. One way to make maximum use of all the available space is by building storage units in all the available nooks and crannies. This way, you’ll have adequate storage space for your house extension.

You can always work closely with your residential interior designers to choose something that works best for your space. Some of the other storage options you can implement include the following:

  • Floating shelves
  • Under the bed storage
  • Under eaves storage
  • Free-standing shelves
  • In-built shelf storage

Bring in more lighting to your conversion

Replacing solid roof with glass roofing or velux roof is one way to have more natural light into the space. This will also make your house extension look bigger and more spacious. You’ll also get to save on a lot of energy because of the natural light.

Turn your loft space into a home office

With working from home being a common thing, you can always turn your unusable attic space into a home office where you can work from. With a home extension project, you can customize your space into the design that you want. The good thing with a home office is that you won’t need a lot of space. Working with the right loft builders ensures that you get the most suitable design for your home.

Design a playroom

Do your children need space to play in? Why not opt for a playroom as your extension project? A house extension is a great way to acquire the space that your children need to play around in. You will also have enough room for toy storage thus leaving your home less cluttered with toys.

There are quite a number of loft conversion designs that you can opt for depending on several factors such as your interior decors’ theme and your space needs among other factors.

Of course not forgetting the type of property you have and extension design you are looking forward to having because this will also determine whether you’ll need any planning permission and the building regulations requirements.

About Barnet properties

Being one of the most highly populated boroughs in North London, Barnet area has a wide range of property styles. From the detached houses in the Hampstead Garden Suburb to the mixture of Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian properties in Southgate and Cockfosters.

The EN5 area residents are also known for not moving out often making loft conversion one of the most common home improvement solutions. With some of the house extension designs highlighted above, choosing the right option for your property will be easy.

Building a room

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Author: Clara Annesley

Clara is a blogger at Proficiency. She has a background about extensions, conversions and interior design.