rear open plan kitchen extension with sliding doors

House Extensions in Kilburn

This house extension in Kilburn represents a seamless blend of functionality and contemporary design, expanding the living space with a focus on light and openness. The kitchen extension is characterized by its innovative use of materials and design features, aiming to create a versatile and welcoming environment. The roof light is a highlight, ensuring the space brings natural light, enhancing the overall ambience and spaciousness.

A distinctive feature of this project is the exposed black steel beams, which add an industrial yet sophisticated touch to the house extension. These beams not only serve a structural purpose but also contribute to the aesthetic appeal, creating a striking contrast with the lighter tones of the interior.

kitchen dining room extension with tv and sofa
rear house extension with skylight, tv and sofa
kitchen sink view to a garden
small tiled bathroom with shower, bath and toilet
bedroom with bookshelves and bedside table
beige double bedroom with bedside table lamp
pink toddler room with armchair and cot bed
grey utility room with washing machine dryer and fridge
small narrow entrance hallway with storage

Kitchen Extension in Kilburn

Sliding bi-fold doors have been incorporated, offering flexibility in how the space is used and promoting an indoor-outdoor lifestyle. These doors allow for an effortless transition between the home and the garden, making the kitchen extension in Kilburn an ideal space for entertaining and relaxation.

Overall, the Kilburn house extension is a testament to modern design, where practicality meets style in creating a truly transformative living space.