Utility & Laundry room renovation cost

The average cost of renovating a laundry room is between £994 to £11,329. Although some homeowners may choose to do the laundry and utility room renovations like painting as DIY tasks, it's advisable to hire a team of qualified professionals for the best results. Choosing to do your laundry room remodel yourself could end up costing you more, especially if you get something like plumbing wrong.

When having a laundry room remodel, the lower cost entails small changes such as painting and fittings, whereas layout and plumbing cost up to £35 to £58 for labour charges per hour. Here's a detailed guide on the costs you're likely to incur on your remodelling project.

Laundry & Utility room Breakdown cost

During a Utility & laundry room remodel, there are several costs you need to consider that can vary depending on the design you choose. These include the following:

  1. Flooring costs
  2. Plumbing costs
  3. Sinks and cabinets installation costs
  4. Laundry room drying racks
  5. Washing machine and dryer
  6. Exhaust fans
  7. Laundry room lighting
  8. Labour
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Flooring costs

Depending on your overall decor theme, you can choose several types of flooring material for your dedicated laundry room. You can choose to tile up the laundry room or perhaps opt for the wood flooring, laminate, etc. Here are some of the flooring costs you're most likely going to incur based on your choice.

Wood flooring will cost you £2 to £12 per square foot for the materials and an extra £4 to £12 for setting up. It is the most costly option because the cost of placing and curing it to be water-resistant takes more effort.

Laminate flooring will cost less than £1 to £2 per square foot and can be installed as a DIY project cutting the cost of installation. It's designed to imitate wood and you can buy laminate at a portion of what the real thing may cost you. The laminate can be of oak, maple, or hardwood.

Ceramic tiles are the other option with a price range of £2 to £8 per square foot and an extra cost of setting up of £8 per square foot. They're the most reliable and durable choice for your laundry room and are a preference for many homeowners.

Costing around £0.40 to £4 per square foot, vinyl flooring is a significantly cheaper option. It can look like wood or tile, thus making a great substitute for the real deal, especially if you're on a tight budget.

Linoleum flooring will cost you relatively £1 to £4 per square foot and you can set it up yourself. It's the cheapest and most durable option of flooring, though not fashionable or trendy but if you are looking for a low maintenance space, then linoleum is the way to go.

Laundry room plumbing costs

For any laundry room to function well, you will need plumbing and drain lines running to your washing machine, which will cost you an estimate of £306 to £611. Installing a faucet will cost you £76 to £229, whereas running a line to the faucet will cost you £54 to £153.

Sinks and cabinets installation

A sink will cost you roughly £382 to £764, depending on the design you are going for. Most models are stainless steel or cast iron and you should consider a plumber for a few hours to install the sink.

To cut down on costs when it comes to utility room stock cabinets, you can visit the warehouse's stores and buy off their shelves. This would cost you £46 to £153 per foot when they're not fitted to your exact measurements. The semi-custom cabinets will cost you £77 to £497 per foot and you will be able to have them shaped to your specification.

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Laundry room drying racks

The average cost of laundry room drying racks is £15 to £115. You can opt for the floor model which you unfold when you need to use and fold and store it once you're done.

The other option is the wall-mounted model, which is screwed to the wall and is a stable location for air-drying your clothes, and it comes in handy when you have a limited laundry space.

Washing machine and dryer

These are the main appliances in the laundry room and should be selected and set up with utmost care. A front-load washer costs up to £383 to £1530 and its counterpart the dryer, has a similar price range. With these appliances, the more features you want, the more money you will have to spend.

Since these appliances share a similar cost range while purchasing, you should consider the bonuses that come with them, e.g., warranty, delivery and installation; therefore, go for a combo that stands out and works best for you.

Exhaust fans

The cost of a midrange exhaust fan is £38 to £54. It helps to prevent mould in your utility room. Laundry rooms tend to be humid; it is, therefore, advisable to install a new exhaust fan for air circulation stimulation.

Laundry room lighting

The laundry room lighting will cost you £76 to £306. The laundry room setup is complemented by good lighting. The laundry room should have two types of lighting. One set is to illuminate the whole room and is usually set up overhead. The other lighting is task lighting which highlights a specific area e.g. the sink.

Labour cost for a laundry room remodel

Remodelling a laundry room comes in different levels, which are dependent on your preference. You may choose to keep everything and touch on the surfaces or pull down everything and start from zero, meaning you may need different professionals or one or two. The average cost range for labour for a laundry room remodelling would be;

  • Plumber- £38 to £382
  • Electrician- £50 to £306
  • Painter- £38 to £918
  • Floor installer- £15 to £241
  • Carpenter- £54 to £1,147
  • General contractor-25% of the final cost.

With a rough idea of how much remodelling your utility room will cost, you can start budgeting for the project. You should also note that these costs are not standard, and they can vary from one project to the other. The type of builder you choose and the design you opt for are among the few factors that will be essential in determining the overall price.


Clara Annesley

Clara Annesley is an interior design and construction content writer. She holds a BSc (Hons) in Architectural Design Technology from the University of West London. Clara specialises in residential construction for topics like health & safety, architectural design and writing cost guides for renovation and remodelling projects.