rear single storey home extension

5 Single Storey Extension Roof Options

If you're considering a single storey extension, then considering the type of roof you want is essential. Remember that we'll help you get your new living space just right, but having an idea of what you like and what you would rather avoid is always a good idea.

rear extension with flat roof

1. Flat Roof

Probably the most popular and often the most cost-effective, so great if you're on a budget. Cladding it in metal is a popular finish choice.

3D drawings of wrap around extension with a gable roof

2. Gabled Roof

This type of room looks amazing from the outside and can give the interior a really spacious feel. You can allow extra natural light into your home by glazing the gable end.

3. Sloping Roof

This can be used if you want to create a room inside that has plenty of height inside. In general, people choose tiles the same as their existing home so that this new single storey extension blends in.

Rear single storey extension with skylights

4. skylights

If you're keen to allow in lots of sunlight, then skylights are a great addition to the roof on your new single storey extension. These can be fitted into flat, gabled or sloping roofs and allow light to come flooding in from above.

glazed roof kitchen extension with sliding doors

5. Roof lanterns or glass rooms

You could also look at roof lanterns or glass rooms, which are both modern in style and allow you to have lots of light into the new part of your home.

Clara Annesley

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