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Looking for professional online architect services to help construct your dream home or help you remodel? Proficiency is what you need. Our team of architects goes above and beyond traditional drawing services and can also assist with planning permission aproval and project management for your dream home construction or remodel.

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Architectural Services that you deserve

Here at Proficiency, we focus on ensuring that our architectural design services provide what you need. With our in-house team of architecture specialists and experts with over two decades of experience, you are in safe hands.

Our expertise makes the perfect choice to be your architect consultant. Why? Because after all these years, Proficiency can confidently say that work speaks for itself.


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What to expect

Site Survey

A good start is always important to achieve the best possible finish, and when it comes to your project, there's no better start than booking a site survey as part of your initial consultation. With a site survey at Proficiency, our in-house architectural design team comes around to carry out feasibility studies and a measured site survey to see what is realistically possible.

At this point, you tell us what you have in mind and we can advise on the construction feasibility. Our consultants can also provide reasonable alternatives that will work for your proposed site if need be.

Conceptual Design

Following a site survey, a professional architectural designer can then provide you with an outline design that is essentially basic drawings showing you a code-compliant version of your idea on your site using all the information you provide.

Proficiency's experienced designers also consider other factors like space, function, layout, environment, and economic constraints when producing a concept design. This stage helps to ensure that we both stay on the same page right from the beginning. Trained designers work closely with you here to produce a precise concept instead of a broad and vague design structure.

Technical Drawings

Technical drawings are the graphical representation of plans to design your structure following conventional rules of scale and projection. For proper documentation, they cover all the technical details like where windows, doors, or showers will be and their size. You can think of the drawings as your structure's blueprint.

The technical design generally includes floor plans, elevation drawings, or site plans. They go beyond the conceptual designs> in that they are more detailed and help contractors with technical detail such as how thick a wall needs to be, etc.

Virtual Reality Walkthrough

Once all the on-paper designs and drawings are complete, we can help you see your new property before any actual building even starts. Virtual walkthroughs that use CGI ( computer-generated imagery ) and photo-realistic renders allow you to really experience what your property will feel like.

VR walkthrough means you see the space at eye level with 360° rotation. You can also see the flooring, windows, bathrooms, etc. The 3D modelling technology helps ensure that you're ultimately satisfied with all of the initial and interior design and that any changes need to be made.

planning application

Planning Application

Getting planning permission for your project could become a problem when it is not done correctly. At Proficiency, we have a high planning success rate since we are very familiar with the planning rules. Our experience in this area spans over two decades. In that time, we have handled multiple planning permission applications to ensure you get your application approved the first time around.

When applying, there are certain planning conditions that any council requires and must be met to get planning consent. For instance, detailed planning showing planning purposes and permission drawings will have to be presented, and a Proficiency architecture firm can do just that.

Planning approval is part of architectural services, and it is an 8-week process from submission to approval. When required Proficiency follows up with the council to ensure that everything goes smoothly in getting your planning permission.


2D Planning

Planning Drawings

The planning drawings are simplified architectural drawings that form an essential part of the planning permission approval. These are usually construction drawings that help the architects and clients to communicate their vision for the project to the council workers.

At Proficiency, we provide you with professional architect drawings for this purpose. To ensure a higher approval rate, The architect makes sure these are detailed drawings. It is important that the local authorities understand your project and how it fits into the surroundings, so it needs to be professionally drawn to scale.

Building regulation drawings

Building Reg Drawings

The building regulation drawings go into more detail than the planning drawings to ensure you get your building regulations approval. Here, Proficiency integrates structural information from engineers, fully annotated plans, and everything required to ensure that the building regulations submission complies with all local authority requirements.

The building regulation drawings show that your project is designed in line with every required legislation, including essentials such as accessibility, structural integrity, gas safety, and others.

Structural drawings


Proficiency collaborates with LABC qualified structural engineers to further ensure that the construction process for your project is as smooth as can be. This means that all the structural calculations to cover your foundations, supporting walls or beams, etc. are covered.

Permitted Development

Permitted Development rights allow you to carry out certain modifications to your property without applying for planning permission. The line between unauthorised development and permitted development could be very thin, which is why Proficiency provides you with all the permitted development guidance you need.

The consultants and designers help you to determine if the modifications you intend to make fall within your rights and can either help you achieve them or provide you with more feasible alternatives.