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What Is a Site Architect?

A site architect is responsible for supervising the architectural aspects of a construction project directly on-site. They will often do most of their work at the construction site, though some tasks may be handled in an external office, depending on the project schedule and the architect’s workload.

What responsibilities does a site architect have?

The main difference between a site architect and a general architect is that a site architect works almost exclusively on-site, while a general architect often works remotely, only visiting the worksite occasionally.

Site architects are responsible for overseeing the construction work, communicating project manager with contractors and other specialists, and coordinating the work of different on-site specialists. They are commonly tasked with resolving conflicts between different experts or teams and may be the first line of contact if the project starts to deviate from the original plan.

A site architect also has the task of ensuring that the project is executed according to the original contract. This includes delays, issues with material procurement, and problems related to schedule overlaps. Site architects need to have good scheduling abilities on top of solid interpersonal and conflict resolution skills.

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How to become a site architect?

Becoming a site architect usually involves working as a general architect for some time, focusing specifically on on-site work as much as possible. Site architects would usually work under a general architect while they are still learning the ropes of their work. They rarely work in teams, though this is possible for larger projects with lots of aspects that require constant oversight. i.e commercial project. No special degree or education is required for becoming a site architect on top of the regular specialization that general architects go through.

Site Architect General Architect
Works primarily on-site Works primarily from an office, visiting the site occasionally
Oversees construction work Oversees overall project execution alongside the project manager
Communicates directly with contractors Usually doesn’t communicate with contractors directly

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