Modern kitchen design with light beige tone and blue navy kitchen cabinet

Wrap Around House Extension in Hampstead

This house extension in Hampstead is designed to enhance living space while integrating seamlessly with the existing structure. This wrap-around extension is a testament to modern architecture and design, aiming to bring more light, openness, and functionality to the home. One of the key features of this extension is the inclusion of a skylight strategically placed to flood the expanded area with natural light, creating an airy and inviting atmosphere. Additionally, the extension incorporates sliding bifold doors, which offer an elegant transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, maximize the flow of natural light, and facilitate ventilation.

Rear Home brick extension in Hampstead with bifold doors and Light Taupe Flooring.
Modern kitchen Interior - Light grey kitchen cabinets and dark taupe flooring in a open plan kitchen with an island.
Modern kitchen Design with skylight and a view to a garden.
Modern kitchen interior with a mix of light grey and dark grey kitchen cabinets
A modern domestic room interior with bifold doors, and dark brown wood material flooring design.
Modern kitchen Room with Light Taupe, Dark Navy and Dark Brown Design Flooring, Kitchen, Oven and Home Interior.
domestic room with modern design featuring light beige, chandelier and blue radiators.
Modern Domestic Room Design with Light Beige and Dark Brown Wood Flooring, featuturing chandelier and blue radiators
Modern wood flooring design in a domestic room leading to a halway.
Light tan walls and brown modern wood flooring in a hallway room with stairs.
Modern domestic bathroom design with elegant beige, brown, and white fixtures and furnishings
Modern room interior Ddesign with light taupe and dark tan flooring.
Modern empty bedroome interior design with light taupe walls and vertical radiator
Modern empty bedroom room with bifold door, grey flooring.
Modern Domestic Bathroom Design with Elegant Faucet, Sink, Toilet in Light Beige.
Modern outdoor design with light brown sunroom at the back of garden
A modern outdoor building exterior with light brown claddingand light green design of grass and flowers


Kitchen Extension in Hampstead

Central to this project is the kitchen area, which is reimagined with a waterfall island counter and backsplash. This feature stands out as a focal point in the space, combining aesthetic appeal with practicality. The waterfall island counter provides ample workspace and dining area, while the continuous material for the backsplash adds a sleek, cohesive look to the kitchen. These elements, together with the thoughtful integration of skylights and sliding bifold doors, make the Hampstead house extension a perfect blend of functionality, style, and comfort, catering to the needs of modern living.