modern lounge room with sleek dark blue built-in display case and fireplace

House renovation in Chiswick

This bespoke house renovation in Chisiwck aims to create a sophisticated and comfortable living space. The refurbishment project will introduce a contemporary design, optimized layout, and high-quality materials to enhance the room's aesthetics and functionality.

modern lounge with wooden floor, modern rug and fireplace, including custom built alcove cabinets
lounge room with white ceiling, louvre blinds and display case
lounge room with wooden floors and louvre blinds and  built-in display case
lounge room with large lamp and roudn glass tables
modern black and wooden alcove cabinets and louvre blinds
sitting area beneath staircase with comfy chair and fluffy rug
sitting area beneath staircase with wooden floor and glass table
modern lounge with large floor lamps and wooden floors
simple modern white display case and large floor lamp
built-in wooden and dark blue display case
modern lounge with modern cushioned table, rug and fireplace
open plan TV room extension to modern lounge with frieplace
modern TV room with suspended display cabinets
TV room with wood wall panelling and minimalist display case
TV room with white sofa and sliding doors to patio
simple open plan TV room and modern lounge

Home refurbishment in Chiswick

The above house refurbishment in Chiswick included a significant overhaul of the living room, transforming it into the heart of the home with a focus on warmth and hospitality. Alcove built-in cupboards will be strategically integrated to provide ample storage while maintaining a sleek and uncluttered appearance. The centrepiece of the renovation, an elegant indoor electric fireplace, will add a cosy ambience and serve as a modern focal point, blending seamlessly with the room's contemporary aesthetics.