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How To Design A Bathroom Renovation

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Revamping Your Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in our home but is also often the most frequently taken for granted areas. While most of us set aside time and money to renovate or reinvent the interior design of our living room, bedrooms and kitchen, we rarely include our bathrooms in our renovation plans. There are many reasons why we should also include our bathrooms in our renovation and redesigning plans. We’ll discuss some of them as we go along.

1. Correcting and Improving Plumbing

This is an important factor to consider, especially in a household with a growing family. The typical residential plumbing uses 1½-inch pipes for drains. As more members of your family are added, your bathroom gets used more often, and the more likely it will get clogged due to gunk and hair. To lessen the likelihood of clogging, you can upgrade to a 2-inch drain.

You may also want to check the water supply lines going to your bathroom. Factors like freezing and hot temperatures can affect the quality of water delivery. Thus, your renovation could also involve routing your water supply lines within your walls.

2. Easy Medicine Cabinet Access

Adding a medicine cabinet in your bathroom can be a great renovation idea. One of the largest mirrors at home is situated in the bathroom. Aside from grooming uses, it can also be used to do a self-check of our complexion and of symptoms of ailments that can be found externally. Thus, a medicine cabinet should be placed nearby for easy access. It shouldn’t take up much space, as you’ll only be storing essential medicines and first-aid kits.

3. To Save Space

If you’re thinking of your bathroom roomier and look bigger, you can work on going for wall-hung toilets. Thanks to the growing demand and increasing production and availability of wall-hung toilets, they are now affordable and within your budget. A great advantage of this fixture is space improvement. You will be amazed at how much space you can gain when the water tank is placed behind the wall. One thing you should consider is that wall-hung toilets drain slower than floor-mounted ones, so this fixture is ideal for bathrooms that are situated on the ground floor.

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Improve Lighting and Ventilation

These two factors can make you “breathe” easier inside your bathroom. Strategically install light fixtures depending on how certain parts of your home’s bathrooms are used. You can install a dimmer switch for the lights above the shower to set the mood for relaxation. You can also choose between aesthetic and functional lighting depending on your most frequent use of the mirror in the bathroom.

Windows are great for letting in natural light during the day and providing fresh air to circulate in the bathroom. You can add an additional window or increase the size of your current window to improve natural light dispersal across the bathroom and to allow more fresh air inside. Choose frosted glass types for privacy and to lessen the glare coming from the sun.

5. Beautify Your Bathroom Floors

Don’t settle for the current shower floor that you have. Bathrooms also have frequent and intense foot.

Traffic, which can wear any type of flooring. Textured tiles are preferred for shower floors to avoid slippage. It is recommended to install small tiles to provide more traction and easier sloping for drainage. Since smaller tiles provide effective traction, you can also use smooth tiles and still be safe from slipping.

There are still more reasons for giving your bathroom a makeover. Whether you’re planning to stay for a long time or sell your house in the future, you should consider making changes to your bathroom to fit your needs. Thus, take a good long look at your bathroom and find areas where you can improve it and get a better bathroom experience.