large room with pointed arch window, window nook and wooden flooring

Sponsored Putney Arts Theatre Renovation

window nook with pointed arch windows with outside view
white waiting area with wooden flooring and a white pillar
small victorian church style front with brick walls

We’re pleased to sponsor the renovation of Putney Arts Theatre. See the amazing transformation done by our builders in Putney!!!

Here at Proficiency Design and Build Ltd we are proud to be part of our local community and are always looking for ways we can give something back. We think it’s important to contribute to the enjoyment of living and working in Putney and the surrounding area, and to build something of a legacy for generations to come. So what better way than our expert team of builders help with the renovation of a wonderful historic building enjoyed by everyone - Putney Arts Theatre!

As one of the leading amateur theatre companies in the UK, and welcoming everyone from pre-schoolers to pensioners, Putney Arts Theatre has been a focal point of the local community since 1964. Its aim is to provide a place of creative freedom for everyone through productions, classes and social events. It provides an artistic home for residents of Putney, Wandsworth and the Greater London area in general. Actors come to the Putney Arts Theatre from all sorts of different backgrounds – sales people, teachers, film producers, scientists and everything in between. Everyone is welcome!

With its many drama, theatre and arts groups, it’s a thriving, vibrant space and there’s always a new show or exhibition going on. It’s also a fantastic place to socialise and get to know the community around you; even if acting isn’t your thing, there’s so many opportunities to direct, design scenery and offer your services as a stagehand. Plus, Putney Theatre Company actively and successfully supports local new talent by staging plays from amateur or unknown writers, with great success. They are also proud to showcase their own members' writing, in fact these are regularly performed and several have gone on to be published and performed elsewhere.

Giving the audience a great time and an experience to remember is the name of the game. They also aim to provide a friendly atmosphere, and a rehearsal process that helps actors to develop their acting skills, meet new friends and enhance the cohesion of the community as a whole.

However, with all this wonderful use comes a huge amount of wear and tear on such a grand old building and this is where we’ve been only too pleased to help.

As Professional builders sponsoring the renovation work to the old office, foyer and entrance hall at the theatre was our way of giving back. Not only has Proficiency been able to make sure the work is of the highest quality and standard, we are pleased to have contributed to the continued success of such an essential and valuable local community asset.

We wish everybody at the Putney Arts Theatre all the very best for the future and many happy years in your modern new facilities!

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