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Basement Conversion Process

A basement conversion in London is the faster, easier way to expand your living space and is a very stylish and practical solution too.

With government restrictions and regulations on building higher, a lot of homeowners are now adapting by "building down." To create more space for themselves and for their family, a lot of people are opting to add a basement to their homes instead of adding extra floors.

Thanks to modern design innovations and house extension layout ideas, today's basements are far from being the dark and dingy basements that we knew in the past. With natural lighting, high ceilings, and wide spaces, basements are becoming the modern gems in residential homes. From home offices to entertainment spaces, a basement can be designed into just about anything a homeowner wants. You can choose to have a basement that complements the rest of your house or creates a little contrast to the design of your home. The sky is practically the limit with modern basement design, but this time the trend is to go down.

At Proficiency Design and Build Contractors, we can provide our services from start to finish, including filing for the house extension planning permission. You can focus on your vision for your home extension while we take care of the rest of the details for you.

Safety and Comfort

Do you think of your basement and then start thinking of a space that allows too much moisture in, a space that is at risk of flooding, or a space that's to damp and cold? It's time to start thinking again.

With an experienced and qualified basement renovations company team, you can basement conversion designs that have been made to fit your basement in particular instead of a cookie cutter solution. Built in an area that's too damp? Wet basement solutions and protective wall layers will be on top of the list. Do you have a basement that gets too cold? A good basement renovations company will talk to you about the best ways of basement insulation.



Gone are the days of dark or badly lit basements. These days, the winning phrase in modern basement renovations is natural lighting. Most clients who want to utilize their basements for extra living space love the idea of a light well, a space built into your basement that allows natural light in and brightens up your underground space to give it that warm, homey feel.

Light wells are designed to not just allow sunlight in but also to diffuse it, to make sure that you enjoy a well-lit basement. It also has the advantage of helping you cut down on electricity.

At night, quality basement conversions in London favor surface mount lights as opposed to can lights that can create a lot of noise. Want to keep your basement as sustainable as possible? Choose LED lights for long lasting lighting that keeps electricity consumption at a minimum.


Basement renovations can redefine your entire home. You can create more personal rooms to get started or you can go the extra mile and have yourself a completely new entertainment room for guests, a home office, or a small library; whatever tickles your fancy.

A good basement conversion company will be able to help you through the design process to make sure that you get what you want while also keeping your home safe and sound. Do you want your basement to have higher ceilings? Basement conversions can take care of basement underpinning and excavation for you. Are you thinking of investing in sound proofing for your own private cinema? Sound proofing basements are also common add-ons that a lot of clients want.

The idea is to maximize the additional space that you have available for you in your home, whether you want to go as extravagant as a mini home theatre or lean towards the practical and go for a guest room and lounge for relatives and guests.

If you are just thinking of getting a quote or are looking to find out what you can do with the underutilized basement that you have, you can contact Proficiency Design and Build Contractors and we can give you the best basement conversion options in London.

To find out more about our Basement Conversion Process Click on the following link or Click on the "Request your free quote" button and we will contact you very soon.

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